Here are some great old, car-related advertisements that I photocopied from our library at school. Believe it or not, they have every Life magazine from about 1930 up through the 70's, you know...those HUGE ones, all back in our periodicals section. So, since I used to work at the copy center in the library (I made copies...whoopie), I decided I'd make something worth copying. And of course, you guys get to check them out.

If you click on the picture, you can see the huge, life-sized verson of each ad, except for the nash one, because it got messed up. I'll fix it later!

- Kustom Kitten

Check out this beauty ("on the boulevard")
- an ad for a '50 ford.

Another '50 Ford ad. Pretty funny stuff.

My personal favorite, the '49 Mercury car ad.
What a damn fine car!

"Futuramic Oldsmobile 'Holiday' Coupe"

The Nash...a pretty ugly car, but had a strong frame. Actually, I think the fuzz back in the day used Nashes for cop-cars. But don't quote us.

The Plymouth woody. A party car, a family car, a car to brag about.

A sweet ad for the "Rocket '88". These are truly great advertisements.

I copied this one for Crummy. He loves old sprint cars, like the ones at our local
"Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR)".
If you haven't been there, you local yokels, it's on the way to Camp Hill on Rt. 15 in PA. Can't miss the sign!

Want some tips on increasing the life of your tires?  Champion's got 'em!
(apologies for the cut-up quality. Some of these ads were too big for my scanner so I had to piece them together in Photoshop.)

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